Terms & Conditions

How long can I keep my skip? | Skips can be kept for a maximum of 14 days only; please call us or apply online when your skip is ready to be removed. We endeavour to remove all skips within 48hrs of receiving the request.

Will my drive be damaged by the skip? | While we take every care to prevent damage, please be aware that once we leave the highway we cannot accept responsibility for any damage that occurs whilst on your property.

Don’t overload your skip | The waste inside should not exceed the top of the skip walls – if the waste is higher, we cannot transport the skip due to UK law; the skip will be refused and the customer charged for a wasted journey.

Do not put the following into the skip | 

  • Tyres
  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous / Toxic material
  • TV’s or Computer Monitors
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Fridges
  • Paint/Paint tins (unless empty)
  • Plasterboard
  • Batteries
  • Medical Waste
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Any Liquids, including Oil – Petrol – Diesel & Explosive material

Heavy loads, i.e. hardcore or soil | only small skips will be used for heavy materials; 4, 6 & 8 yard skips can be used to transport heavy material such as soil, hardcore, clay or stones. This ensures a safe lift of the skip, and prevents the gross weight of our vehicle exceeding the legal limits.

Where can the skip be placed?

Roadside: you will need to have a permit from your local authority prior to delivery; please call us to find out more, or apply for your local authority permit here.

Driveway: Whilst every effort is taken to negotiate and unload our skips safely on private land, we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by our vehicle leaving the highway. Liability rests with the person who requests for the skip to be placed on the private land.

Wait & Load | Where a permit is not obtainable, we can facilitate a ‘wait and load’ delivery. The skip will remain in situ on the rear of the vehicle for the duration of the loading process. Our drivers will not be able to assist you with loading the skip/container.

Your agreement to T&C’s | It is a reasonable assumption that all customers completing a booking have fully read and understand our terms and conditions. If you load your skip and breach our terms without informing us, you may be charged for a wasted journey if you request a collection. We cannot be held responsible for breaches of our terms and conditions, for not verbally informing customers when orders are placed electronically.

Preferred delivery date | We endeavour to provide your order on the date that you choose, however sometimes we may become fully booked. If this happens, you will be contacted as soon as practicable to make arrangements that suit you, or a refund provided if the skip has been paid for online.

Online Payments | We use PayPal to securely transact purchases made online. Skip prices have an additional cost of purchase, which will not ever exceed + 5% of the price of the skip selected.

Delivery times | Time allocations cannot be given, this is due to the way in which orders are received and despatched, as well as traffic conditions and travelling times. We will (if requested) provide a telephone call confirming that your delivery is imminent.

Ownership of disposed items | Ownership of the contents of any container shall pass to us (ADM Skips) upon collection, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Data Protection | All information provided to us (ADM Skips) by you (Customer) when completing any purchase online, will be stored securely as per the Data Protection Act 1998. The data you provide us will remain on our secure servers for no longer than 3 months: after this time, your data shall be transferred to hardcopy paper and archived with our accountancy firm. Your digital data shall be wiped from our systems with the exception of a URN which will provide an audit for tax purposes. Your URN will remain with the company indefinitely.  The data which we store shall consist of the delivery address, the name of the orderer, the purchase price and transaction type. We do not store credit/debit card details as payments are processed via PayPal; you can view their data protection information here:  PayPal user privacy